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 Jeremy was born in 1992 in Paris. 

In 2009, he won the French championship of Electro Dance, a competition for street dancers.`


After this experience, driven by a desire to broaden new horizons, he began training in different movement methods.


In 2010, he joined Blanca Li Dance Company for two ye.

From 2013 until 2015, Jeremy studied at the Junior Ballet Geneva. 

From 2015 until 2017, he worked full time with Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company (Israel).  Between 2017 and 2020 Jeremy worked full time with Vertigo Dance Company.

Vertigo Dance Company White Noise

Vertigo Dance Company - White Noise, Tel-Aviv Opera, 2017

In 2019, Jeremy performed two of Roy Assaf’s pieces internationally. 

Currently Jeremy is collaborating with Adi Boutrous on « One More Thing » coproduced by Theatre De La Ville Paris and Fabrik Potsdam. The piece is touring globally since its premiere, in 2020.

Jeremy’s solo « +10 » has received the “Assistant prize” by “Heidelberg Dance. Theater” at Solo Tanz Festival Stuttgart in 2021.

Alongside performing Jeremy teaches Internationally, developing movement research and floor-work technique

Recently, Jeremy was assisting Vertigo Dance Company's choreographer Noa Wertheim, to create a new production in TANZ Kassle, behalf of teaching company classes for several weeks. 


Between 2021 and 2024, Jeremy has created short pieces for young companies in France and in Europe :

Ballet Junior Geneva (January - March 2024)

Cobos Mika Company (December 2023)


En 2021, il enseigne actuellement dans le cadre de nombreux Workshops en Europe, assiste la chorégraphe de Vertigo « Noa Wertheim », sur une création pour le "Staatstheater Kassel" au Centre Chorégraphique Allemand.

En 2021, il crée “Le temps d’une Valse” pour Le "Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine" à Bordeaux, et la pièce “Agapé” pour “La Fabrik” à Paris, premières courant 2022

In 2022,  Jeremy has been  creating a duet piece : NOAM 

The piece has received 1st prize choreography in January 2023 at "Les lendemains qui dansent" La Barcarolle, France as well as 4 prices at the Sobanova Dance Awards #7 & The 3rd Price innternational choreography at the CICNY, Burgos, Spain

In 2021, he created the Lamalo Dance Company  in France, to develop a new choreographic vision in Paris and in France.


In January 2023, the company started a new creation process in CCN Créteil  : AGAPÉ, piece for six dancers. The company is currently in several residencies to prepare the upcoming performances. 

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