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Lamalo Dance Company has been created in 2021, as an idea to create an original choreographic landscape in France and abroad, created by Jérémy Alberge .

The company in nowadays performing internationally with the duet Noam and currently creating a new work : Agapé.


Jeremy Alberge’s choreographic aspirations stem from an evolving dialogue between different dance techniques. Embodying a movement language free of category and far from the conventional.

Jeremy is a risk-taker, he pushes physical boundaries and follows his intuition. He encourages a strong listening practice in the studio to create harmony, fluidity and collaboration.

From France to Israel, from street-dancer to contemporary artist, my path is characterized by a constant thirst to develop, learn, and question the relation between body, mind, soul and movement.

The collaboration with inspiring artists such as Inbal Pinto, Adi Boutrous, Vertigo Dance Company and Ilan Lev have been influential in my path as a creator.

In this digital age, live performance feels all the more relevant, inviting the audience to be in the present and to let the imagination travel to unknown places and senses.. My practice is based on listening, on creating space for ideas to gently mold these impulses into something communicative.

Much like a carpenter whittles wood into form with quiet and considerable care, Jeremy strives to reveal his choreography.

© 2022 Jeremy Alberge. All rights reserved.

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