WORKSHOP Paris - February 2021

Organised by MilkShakeProject 

Carreau du Temple Paris 2021- Camera : Riccardo Riccio

Jeremy Alberge’s choreographic aspirations are not defined by any specific style of dance, rather play on the contact points between movement languages. The work he creates stems from the living and evolving dialogue between disciplines and inspirations.

Whether as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, or healer, Jeremy is engaged in an ongoing movement research. From France to Israel, from urban-dancer to contemporary artist, Jeremy’s path is characterized by an open hunger and unwavering determination to develop himself and authentically articulate his experience. His main influencers are Inbal Pinto, Adi Boutrous, Vertigo Dance Company, Roy Assaf, Tal Benari and Ilan Lev.


Jeremy does not believe in boldly leading a flock, rather he strives to be open to the world around him, to allow his influences and the voices of his fellow artists and collaborators to resonate within his work. His practice is based on listening, on creating space for ideas and inspiration and gently molding these impulses into something communicative. Much like a carpenter whittles wood into form with quiet and considerable care, Jeremy strives to reveal his choreography.

His relationships and interactions with other hearts flow directly into his movement vocabulary. In the studio, Jeremy believes in a highly collaborative atmosphere and generosity from the inside-out.