Workshop paris 2021 - milshake project - lE CARREAU DU TEMPLE





 PARIS - Studio Harmonic : 17.01.22 - 21.01.22 from 12.30 until 14.00  

TOULOUSE : Centre James Carles : 23.04.22 - 27.04.22

HEIDELBERG THEATER, Germany : 28.04.22 until 6.05.22

BORDEAUX : 8.05.22 Informations upcoming soon


Currently working on developing a new workshop research mixing principals  from :

Ilan-Lev Method, Floor-Work & Release Technique 

Finding a way within the method that the central nervous system, as well as serving as a monitoring system, also delivers new input from the body to the mind, directly to the subconscious in the sensory part of the brain. The logical brain is an obstacle when it comes to unknown information. The sensory part of the brain goes around this obstacle, as in hypnosis.

Through improvisation, and physical suggestions, each dancer will develop an intensive learning process throughout the class, which would help each individual to go beyond his familiar patterns.