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Choreography : Jeremy Alberge

Performers : Jeremy Alberge & Oceane Robin

Performances : Genève, Suisse, Juin 2022

Juillet 2022, Hanovre,  36th international Dance Festival. La Barcarolle, France January 2023

Price : 1st Prize "Les lendemains qui Dansent" , théâtre La Barcarolle 2023

NOAM is a contemporary dance duet.
This piece combines strength and fragility; exploring notions of gender, innocent love and childhood.

Noam means “pleasure & prosperity” in Arabic and “gracious” in
Hebrew. This work is inspired by the visceral and animalistic nature of Israeli dance. Noam seeks to unravel traditionally fixed masculine and feminine movement patterns.

The choreographer aims to create intimacy between the dancers, moving away from familiar romantic relations; establishing rather a dialogue between woman and man that ressembles brother and sister.

returning home: “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19).

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